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Understanding John Stuart Mill

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Understanding John Stuart Mill is the fifth book in a series of philosophy study guides on the classics of philosophy. 


The series is designed for beginning and intermediate philosophy students who would like more depth than they would ordinarily get from "Notes" books that only give outlines of the philosopher's thoughts and theories. At the same time, the Smart Student's books do not delve so deeply and critically into the philosopher's ideas that they would only be accessible to graduate students and professors.

Understanding John Stuart Mill is a study guide that focuses on both content and philosophical method in Mill's famous Utilitarianism and in his later but equally famous On Liberty.  Each chapter breaks down the arguments of the philosopher into understandable parts, showing how the philosopher reaches his conclusions and how he defends against possible objections.  Each chapter concludes with a set of questions for thought and discussion. 


Some of the questions are on topics that provide an excellent starting point for term papers.  References to other books about the philosopher or the topic can be found at the end of the chapter, in footnotes, textboxes or at the end of the book.

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